The current list of players preparing for the 2018-2019 schedule.

18U Elite Team

NameNumberPositionHeightStanding ReachBlocking VerticalGraduation YearVerbal Commit or Signed
Kya Hunter21OH, MH2019Signed-Livingstone College
Brinkley Ormond5DS5'5"6'108'1"2020
Shalyn Turbyfill3L5'9"7'2"8'5"2020
Elizabeth "Claire" Kellum7S, RS5'11"7'5.5”8'9"2019
Riley Kerigan2S, RS5'10"7'4"8'5"2020
Abbey Thomas19MH,OH5'11"7' 7.5”8'10"2021
Alyssa Jackson23MH,MB6'0"7'8"8'10"2019Signed-University of Mount Olive
Grace Kane1OH5'8"7'1"8'4 1/2" 2020
Victoria Patnaude11MH,MB6'0"7'7"8'7"2020
Bethaney Williams12DS5'5"7'0"8'2"2019Committed-Livingstone
Daelyn Brock9OH5'8"7'2"8'4"2019Signed-University of Mount Olive

18U Black Team

NameNumberPositionHeightStanding ReachBlocking VerticalGraduation YearVerbal commit or signed
Lydia Butler20OH, RS5'10"7'5.5"8'4.5"2020
Amari Champion19MH, OH5'6"7'1"8'5"2019
Ayanna Bynum16MB,MH6'1"7'10"8'8"2020
Taylor Collins33MH,DS5'8.5"7'2.5"8'2"2021
Jenna Oliver5S, RS5'9"7'6"8'3"2020
Mckayla Hunt12DS
Greysen Evans8L5'5"6'9"8'1"2020
Amber Pfennig14OH5'8"7'2"8'1"2019
Michaela Evans18RS,S5'10"7'3"8'3"2019Verbal commit Lenoir Community College

17U Elite Team

NameNumberPosition HeightStanding ReachGraduation year
Makenzie Holzer99RS, MH5’8”7’3”
Lauren Guidi3OH, DS5’5”6’9”
Joie-Leigh Mason7MH, RS2020
Kamryn Holleman59
Alaina Johnson392022
Megan Champion17
Leah Strickland88L, DS
Rebekah Smith12MH/MB2020

17U Black Team

NameHeightPosition Standing ReachBlocking Vertical Graduating Year
Garyn Taylor62
Emily Feddersen4
Bailey Wood11
Kamaria Muhammad38
Taylor Schombs15
Camryn Ryan13
Ashanti Edmundson23
Kayla Mann26

16 U Elite Team

NameJersey numberHeightPosition Vertical ReachGraduation year
Mikayla Vernon6
Nicole Parish42
London Cook29
Payton Burgette50
Audrey Dail10
Anna Miranda24
Alex Williams53
Laci Best7

15 U Team

NameNumberHeightStanding ReachBlocking VerticalGraduation year
Jimena Ortega32022
Taylor Ferrell82022
Raegan Lee182022
Madison Hudson62023
Kaylee Bulla92022
Lindsay Stallard302022
Alexis Winborne272022
Marissa Costodio622023
Reagan Bailey1
Doris Ajagbe’22


14U Elite Team

Dianna Boykin19OH, RS
Lanie Durham32
Whitley Butler2L
Ashton Frazier20S, RS
Clara Coles14MH, RS
Shelby Fuller97RS


13U Elite Team

Presley Frazier5
Sierra Faulkner1
Kate Hansen23
Rylan Wood21
Brooke Winborne15
Addison Canaday13
Alexis Mazura12