The current list of players preparing for the 2018-2019 schedule.

18U Elite Team

NameNumberPositionHeightStanding ReachBlocking VerticalGraduation YearVerbal Commit or Signed
Abbey Thomas19MB, MH6’0
Megan Bost10RS6’0
Alaina Johnson4OH
Victoria Patnaude11MB,MH
Madison Greene8S
Maya Gray14OH
Regan Adams2L
Chalee Baker3DS
Taylor Schombs15DS

18U Black Team

NameNumberPositionHeightStanding ReachBlocking VerticalGraduation YearVerbal commit or signed
Nicole Parrish42MB, DS
Lydia Butler20OH, RS
Kayleigh Klein16OH
Kayla Schwarting 12RS, MB, DS
Greysen Evans8L, DS
Taylor Collins33OH, RS
Le’Onna Nelson18OH
Sara Daughtry 9S, RS
Meredith Wooten10S
Rebekah Smith62MH, MB
Ayanna BynumMB

17U Elite Team

NameNumberPosition HeightStanding ReachBlocking VerticalGraduation year
Brianna Moye 14MB, OH
Emma Schwarting15MB, OH
Megan Champion17DS
Joie-Leigh Mason7RS, MB
London Cook29OH
Lauren Guidi3OH, DS
Audrey Dail10L
Bailey Wood11S
Makenzie Holzer99RS

17U Black Team

NameNumberPosition HeightBlocking Vertical Graduating Year
Zana Nuwara4S, RS5’8”
Alexis Ellwood6MH, OH
Jessie Frisby13S
Avery Knowles11
Chloe Lynch28
Doris Ajagbe’22MH5’8”

16 U Elite Team

NameJersey numberHeightPosition Vertical ReachGraduation year
Taylor Williams55’7”S
Keylee Adams25’7 1/2”OH
Laci Best75’8”OH
Emily Feddersen 45’7”RS
Stephanie Harrell3MH, DS
Mikayla Vernon65’6”L
Reagan Bailey1OH, RS, MH
DeNyla Harlan105’8.5”MH, OH
Shelby Fuller975’4”DS

15 U Team

NameNumberPositionStanding ReachBlocking VerticalGraduation year
Faith Bridgers 2OH, DS
Dianna Boykin19OH, MH
Ashlyn Walker6L, DS
Katie Sharp4DS, OH, RS
Bryonna Warstler5S
Joelle Williams 25MH
Brooke Winborne 15MH
Rylan Wood21OH, DS
Addison Canaday13S, DS


14U Elite Team

Abigail Walton3OH, RH
Aubrey Young8RH, S, DS
Alexis Mazura12OH, DS
Gracie Mooney5OH, RS, S
Clara Coles14MB, MH
Sierra Faulkner1S, RS
Leigha Frisby2L
Camden Breed16
Angelica Turnage7


13U Elite Team

Kylie Huffman7
Kensley Evans10
Halayna McNutt24
Logan Baynard 9
Bella Tabe5
Anna Waters18
Maguire Breed6
Olivia Moore4
Janelle Griffin11